Inclement weather Policy

During inclement weather, please be sure to check one of the following for HRC delay and cancellation notices:


WPEL 96.5 FM

WDNH 95.3 FM

SUNNY 105.3 FM





You can also find information at:  then click on STORMTRACKER.


OR on our Facebook page 


You will see/hear one of the following messages:


CLOSED: Transportation is shut down. NO ONE report to work.


2 Hr. DELAY: Transportation on 2 Hr. delay, OFFICES open at 10 am, all staff report at that time.  

Program participants please stay home until the appropriate time. 


NO TRANSPORTATION: HRC transportation is shutdown.  Offices open at 10 am, staff report at that time.  

Program Participants who are willing to come in via their own transportation may do so once the building opens at 10 am or they may choose to stay home for the day. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Please continue to monitor, as deteriorating conditions may cause the center to go from delayed to closed or from open to an early dismissal


Our buildings, participants, and staff are spread out over a good portion of NEPA, and we understand that conditions will vary from location to location.


Safety takes precedence over the services we provide within the community and therefore we will always err on the side of caution. 


If you have any questions please call Ann Frazee at 570.253.3782 ext:105


In the event of 2 hour delay... please stay home until the appropriate time to meet your transportation. 



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