A Mother's Last Wish - A Vision for the Future

The Human Resources Foundation is a legacy born from a mother's love - a last wish for her son. HRF was founded to provide financial support to the programs and services of the Human Resources Center as well as offer financial support to the community through grants and scholarships.


for those who provide professional support to individuals with intellectual, developmental, emotional and phsyical disabilities or those who plan to enroll in special education or social services.

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Main Office

294 Bethel School Rd., Honesdale PA 18431

Tel: 570.253.3782 | Fax: 570.253.1041


Pike County Office

117 Pike County Blvd., Hawley PA 18428

Tel: 570.775.6144 | Fax: 570.775.6165


Effort Office

231 Service Rd., Effort PA 18330

Tel: 570.872.9956 | Fax 570-872-9959

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