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Prevocational Services

Facilities in Honesdale and Pike County

If your loved one is not ready for employment out in the community, consider our facility-based employment option through our Vocational Training Centers at our Honesdale and Pike County buildings.

Prevocational Service focuses on preparing an individual for competitive employment. Think of it as a steppingstone to working in the community.


In the program, you receive high levels of support from HRC staff to address the skills necessary for employment such as focus, productivity, cooperation with supervisors and coworkers, professionalism, and more! This is all achieved while you work and collect a paycheck.


Employment at one of our Vocational Training Centers includes assembly operations, packaging, collating, product fulfillment, shipping, document shredding and more - all taking place in a supervised production facility setting.

Daily work is combined with job training and vocational counseling to develop the skills necessary to one day transition into competitive employment within the community. 

At HRC, we believe it's important to have a place where someone can not only feel comfortable, secure and safe but also have ability to gain independence and a paycheck, paving the way for self-advocacy.


The focus for our Vocational Training Centers is to develop the skills and abilities of every employee so that they may reach their greatest potential.  


There are also opportunities for social activities and volunteerism through this program.

For more information about the job contracts we secure through VTC and the type of work performed in our facilities, please check out HRC Manufacturing.

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For more information about our Vocational Training Centers, please contact:
Allison Daniels
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