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Employment and Transitional Services

Providing Support on the Path to Employment

Are you, or a loved one seeking employment? HRC can help find the position and work setting that's right for you - based on interests and skills, individual needs and abilities. 

Supported Employment (CIE)

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HRC's Supported Employment Services, also known as Community Integrated Employment (CIE), helps individuals find, secure and maintain employment within in the community with a goal to achieve a higher level of independence, self-advocacy, and community inclusion.


We help to create an individualized plan based on personal goals, interests, skills, needs, and abilities. We offer Community-Based Work Assessments based on this plan, helping to match a job seeker with a job.


Through job development, we assist with career exploration, the application process, resume writing, interview preparation and mock interviews, and dressing for success. Once a job is obtained, we provide one-on-one job coaching.


Our job coaches also provide follow-ups with both employers and employees to ensure job satisfaction is maintained.

Small Group Employment

HRC's Small Group Employment program is a solution for individuals who are seeking employment to do so in a supported group setting within the community.

With SGE, there is 100% supervision and support from a permanent onsite job coach, working in groups up to three.

The SGE program provides extra support in order to help maintain employment but also to ease an individual into community integrated employment.

Community-Based Work Assessments
Job Development
On-the-job Coaching
At the Human Resources Center, we believe in equal opportunity for everyone.
We also understand that searching for a job can sometimes be exhausting and discouraging, especially doing it alone.
At HRC, we work as a team, focusing on individual interests and abilities. We're here to help you discover the opportunities available.
Is your loved one near graduation?

not ready for community integrated employment?

Check out our facility-based work opportunities through our Vocational Training Centers!

Supported Employment

Small Group Employment

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