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Human Resources Center, Inc. Offers Tricks for a More Inclusive Halloween

Halloween is just around the bend and it’s crunch time for all those spooky ghosts and goblins out there! With trick-or-treating having been given the green light in most areas, preparations are in full swing. While trick-or-treating is generally regarded as a fun-filled night with children running door-to-door and absconding with candy galore, Halloween

can be less than accessible for individuals and disabilities. The Human Resources Center of NEPA has a few tricks to help ensure a more inclusive Halloween for all!

Tip #1: Sit at the end of your driveway with the candy bowl. This helps individuals in wheelchairs or using canes more easily partake in trick-or-treating -- plus, it might even help those who are a bit more socially anxious!

Tip #2: Keep outdoor lights on for those who may be visually impaired.

Tip #3: Describe the candy you’re giving out. Some individuals may struggle with sight, while others may have dietary or sensory restrictions that prevent them from enjoying certain kinds of candy.

Tip #4: Be mindful of bright, flashing, or loud Halloween decorations. Individuals that experience processing disorders and increased sensitivity may find these decorations extremely overwhelming.

Tip #5: Withhold judgement. Individuals who are trick-or-treating without a costume may have sensory limitations and not be able to tolerate a costume. Trick-or-treaters who appear “too old” may experience an intellectual or developmental delay. Individuals who don’t excitedly announce, “trick or treat,” at your door may be nonverbal.

In general, HRC would like to encourage everyone to be kind this Halloween. This holiday and it’s fun is for everyone regardless of age, ability, or level of participation. Have a wonderful Halloween!

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