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Shannon Guinard Receives Excellence in Lifesharing Award

Shannon Guinard, HRC-affiliated lifesharing provider to Janice, was recently awarded the Excellence in Lifesharing Award for the entire NEPA region. Lifesharing is a unique residential solution that pairs individuals with disabilities with a local lifesharing provider for long-term in-home daily support. Providers welcome individuals into their homes and facilitate a nurturing family dynamic, offering both support to the individual and a place to live.

When submissions opened for the Excellence in Lifesharing Award, HRC Lifesharing Coordinator, Margie, nominated Shannon with pride. For over two years, Shannon Guinard has been a lifesharing provider to Janice. In that short time-frame, Shannon has prioritized Janice’s continued progression in various facets of her life, adapting to and overcoming the many roadblocks the COVID-19 global pandemic threw their way.

In Margaret’s nomination essay, she details the adaptations Shannon made to ensure Janice received the necessary support and structure throughout their time together. Important implementations such as twice daily walks, promoting healthy eating and cooking, punctual attendance to ZOOM meetings, structured crafting opportunities, and emphasis on continued socialization were key in helping Janice find fullness in her life. Today, Janice is thriving! She works four days a week at Himalayan Institute and once a week at the law office of local lawyer, J.T. Howell. She was also an active participant in the 2021 Special Olympics, taking part in every competition via ZOOM. With Shannon’s encouragement, structure, and support, Janice has enjoyed being an active member of her community. With gratitude, Janice remarks, “we will be family forever.”

The Human Resources Center, Inc. of NEPA would like to congratulate Shannon Guinard for receiving the Lifesharing in Excellence Award. We cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honorable award. Best of luck to Shannon, Janice, and the entire Guinard household as they continue accomplishing truly great things.

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