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Day Habilitation

Community. Personal Growth. Skill Development.

Create meaningful days and a life of enrichment through our Community Participation Support Services and Adult Training Facilities known as Our Place and Our Place Too. 

Opportunities for:


Career Exploration


Individual Interactions/Experiences

Community Participation Support

Involvement in the community not only creates opportunities for personal contribution, but it opens the door for new experiences, friendships, and interests. CPS and our Adult Training Facilities help to develop skills and competencies necessary for community inclusion. Building natural, organic support systems and social networks helps to increase independence and promote self-reliance.

The wide variety of activities both within the facility and out in the community assist with engagement and provide each individual with the opportunity to identify strengths, abilities, preferences, and support needs. These insights can lead to ideas for additional activities, volunteer opportunities the identification of potential job matches or career paths for individuals who are not currently employed. 

Within our facility, there are opportunities to learn and develop an array of life skills such as food safety, meal prep, money management, health and wellness, personal hygiene, current events and news, socialization skills, assertiveness, problem solving, communication and decision-making, computer skills, and more. 

CPS Outings

Here are just a few of our volunteer and community opportunities:

CPS/Adult Training Facilities Offer:

  • Pre-vocational skill development

  • Life skill and personal development

  • Participation in community activities and groups

  • Encouragement to discover hobbies, leisure/cultural interests

  • Personal health and wellness development 

  • Learning experiences that promote self-determination and self advocacy

  • Experience in navigating the local community including public/private transportation

  • Assistance in maintaining reciprocal community relationships and networks

  • Access to community resources

  • Park Street Kitchen - Honesdale

  • Honesdale Library

  • The Cooperage

  • Billy’s Barn

  • Guardians of Mercy (Cat Shelter)

  • Robert Drake Center

  • Lackawac Sanctuary

  • Wayne Co. Food Pantry

  • Salvation Army E. Stroudsburg

  • PA Anthracite Heritage Museum

  • Keystone Mission

  • Meals on Wheels Pike

  • Dessin Animal Shelter

  • Pocono Environmental and Education Center (PEEC)

  • Project Linus (Milford or Hawley Library)

  • Iron Furnaces Museum

  • Sports/Athletic Outings

  • Creative Outings (art, history, music)

Hey, NEPA businesses and organizations! Are you looking for volunteers?

We're always searching for opportunities to give back to our community.

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